Romulan Admiral Tomalak

Name Tomalak

Position Romulan Star Empire

Rank Romulan Admiral


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Graying Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Typical Romulan, middle aged. Serviced in the Romulan Navy for decades, but Starfleet is unsure of his exact age.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Tomalak was first encountered by the USS Pegasus crew crew in 2373 just prior to the Romulan's entering into the Dominion War on the Federation/Klingon side. Since then, he's been a 'pain in the side' for the crew.
Strengths & Weaknesses Arrogant, egotistic, your typical Romulan. Loyal to the Star Empire even though the brief Romulan Civil War of 2380-2381. Will stand his ground if he believes he has the upper hand, but will withdraw if he is at a disadvantage. Somewhat diplomatic, but known to be aggressive.

Personal History In 2329 on stardate 21163.4, he was a Centurion and was commanded by Ruanek to commandeer a ground car to transport Spock, Ruanek, and Charvanek to a scout ship to escape from the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Tomalak was in command of the Romulan D'deridex-class warbird that violated the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2366 to rescue the crew of the Romulan scout ship Pi, that had crash-landed on Galorndon Core. Tomalak denied that the scout ship had illegally entered Federation space by claiming that it had suffered a "navigational failure", and he also denied the possibility of a second crew member since the USS Enterprise-D recovered Patahk from the surface. He was prepared to fire on the Enterprise after Patahk's death, though he desisted after a second crew member, Bochra, was returned safely.

Later that year, Tomalak was part of an elaborate deception involving Alidar Jarok and a supposed Romulan military build-up on Nelvana III. He allowed Jarok's defection to the Federation, and when the Enterprise illegally entered the Neutral Zone to investigate Jarok's reports, Tomalak had a pair of warbirds waiting for them. Tomalak boasted how he intended to "dissect the Enterprise for every precious bit of information," and then to display its broken hull in the capital on Romulus to both inspire the Romulan armies and serve as a reminder to any other traitors of the state. The crew members were to become prisoners-of-war. However, Tomalak was forced to withdraw when the Enterprise revealed it had brought along Klingon reinforcements.

In 2373, he was involved in a mission with his son Narak and working with a splinter group of the Maquis. Narak murdered the entire cell of the Maquis he was working with and captured Jake Sisko which led to a joint task force of Starfleet under Captain Benjamin Sisko and Maquis leader Cal Hudson uniting against the Romulans. As a result of these actions, Tomalak informed his son that his actions had endangered the mission and dishonored their name.

Later that year, he arrived with Tebok and a flight of warbirds to help defend Deep Space 9 against a Dominion incursion.

By 2380 after the death of the Imperial Romulan Senate and the mad Shinzon of Remus, Tomalak supported newly risen Praetor Tal'Aura. He along with Tal'Aura were one of the many factions on Romulus who sought to take control of the Empire. In the same year, he was responsible for defending Romulus from Commander Donatra who was opposed to Tal'Aura's leadership.

In 2383, Tomalak retired, but was called back into service in 2385 and placed in command of Romulan forces along the Federation border in response to Admiral Bremer's posting as Starbase 400's CO.